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Tremors 5: Bloodlines HD itunes (Ports to VUDU/MA)

Tremors 5: Bloodlines HD itunes (Ports to VUDU/MA)

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Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)

Screenshots from another edition of Tremors 5: Bloodlines Blu-ray

Weapons enthusiast and expert subterranean creature hunter Burt Gummer returns with a new right hand man, tech-savvy Travis. The pair are joined by an international cast of characters that mount a
battle against the deadly creatures that turns out to be far more than they
bargained for.

Director: Don Michael Paul
Writers: Brent Maddock, John Whelpley, S.S. Wilson, William Truesmith, M.A. Deuce, C.J. Strebor
Starring: Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, Pearl Thusi, Brandon Auret, Ian Roberts, Natalie Becker
Producer: Ogden Gavanski



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