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Digital Code Risks/Pre-orders/Code Delivery Times

Digital Code Risks

With any digital purchase there comes risks. UVcodeshop can guarantee you a working redeeming code at the time of purchase. What happens beyond that s out of our control. Should any of the streaming services stop, be sold or any other issue come up some movies may be deleted from your account. UVcodeshop cannot be help accountable for those purchases as there is no telling what could happen in the future. Buy digital codes at your own risk.

Early Release Vs Release Day

Release day codes are codes that are scheduled to be released on the street date DVD/Bluray release of the title purchased.

Early release codes are codes that we receive earlier and can ship out at a premium price as they are available earlier than release day.

Super early release codes are codes that arrive 10 days or more before the DVD/Bluray release day.

Should you change your mind and decide that you would prefer an early release code as opposed to the release day code you purchased simply let us know and we can accommodate your request.


Pre Order Code?

A Pre-order code is a digital movie code that you can guarantee to receive when it arrives, It is essentially reserving yourself a copy. 


How do I get my codes?

An email from our automatic shipping app will be sent to you instantly. 


When will my code redeem and where?

All code redemption dates are set by the actual studios distributing the movie. So some titles may not redeem into your preferred streaming service by the time you received your code. This is something beyond our control but we can say that all codes should redeem by the DVD/Bluray release day for that title.


When can I watch my movie?

Sometimes when a code will redeem but not yet be viewable we will do our best to state so in the title of the listing at This way you can be aware that while your code is redeemable it may not be viewable. As well we will try to also state in the title if a code is also not redeemable yet.



When it comes to Google Play Disney codes we can only guarantee that the selected digital code will redeem in the streaming service stated in the title. If the streaming services are linked they should most likely port but we cannot guarantee it.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at