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Shaun The Sheep HD VUDU

Shaun The Sheep HD VUDU

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Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

Shaun the Sheep Movie Blu-ray delivers great video and audio in this excellent Blu-ray release

From the creatures of Wallace & Gromit comes this feature-length movie based on the popular TV series, following Shaun and his flock of sheep.

After their mischievous behaviour gets their farmer in a spot of bother, Shaun and his friends go on a big adventure to the city to save him. While there, they get up to all sorts of shenanigans. Will everyone get back to the farm in one piece?

For more about Shaun the Sheep Movie and the Shaun the Sheep Movie Blu-ray release, see Shaun the Sheep Movie Blu-ray Review published by Jeffrey Kauffman on November 6, 2015 where this Blu-ray release scored 4.0 out of 5.

Directors: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak
Writers: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak
Starring: Omid Djalili, Andy Nyman, Simon Greenall, Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Richard Webber
Producers: Julie Lockhart, Nick Park, Peter Lord, David Sproxton


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