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Push 4K UHD

Push 4K UHD

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Push 4K


Push 4K Blu-ray delivers stunning video and reference-quality audio, but overall it's a mediocre Blu-ray release

The Division, a shadowy government agency, is genetically transforming citizens into an army of psychic warriors--and brutally disposing of those unwilling to participate. Nick Gant, a second-generation telekinetic or "mover," has been in hiding since the Division murdered his father more than a decade earlier. He has found sanctuary in densely populated Hong Kong--the last safe place on earth for fugitive psychics like him--but only if he can keep his gift a secret. Nick is forced out of hiding when Cassie Holmes, a 13-year-old clairvoyant or "watcher," seeks his help in finding Kira, an escaped "pusher" who may hold the key to ending the Division's program. Pushers possess the most dangerous of all psychic powers: the ability to influence others' actions by implanting thoughts in their minds. But Cassie's presence soon attracts the attention of the Division's human bloodhounds, forcing Nick and Cassie to flee for their lives. But they find themselves square in the crosshairs of Division Agent Henry Carver, a pusher who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving their goal.

For more about Push 4K and the Push 4K Blu-ray release, see Push 4K Blu-ray Review published by Jeffrey Kauffman on April 9, 2018 where this Blu-ray release scored 2.5 out of 5.

Director: Paul McGuigan
Writer: David Bourla
Starring: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Djimon Hounsou, Ming-Na Wen
Producer: Bruce Davey


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