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Primal HD VUDU

Primal HD VUDU

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Primal (2019)

Primal Blu-ray delivers great video and superb audio in this fan-pleasing Blu-ray release

PRIMAL stars Cage as Frank Walsh, a big game hunter and collector who finally bags his prized prey, a rare white jaguar. Unfortunately for Frank, the boat carrying his score is also ferrying an international assassin, Richard Loffler (Kevin Durand), to face justice. The trip turns treacherous when Loffler not only breaks out of his constraints, but also frees the jaguar in the process.

For more about Primal and the Primal Blu-ray release, see Primal Blu-ray Review published by Brian Orndorf on March 14, 2020 where this Blu-ray release scored 3.0 out of 5.

Director: Nick Powell
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, LaMonica Garrett, Michael Imperioli, Tommy Walker (XIV)
Producer: Jeff Bowler


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