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Dragonball: Evolution SD itunes

Dragonball: Evolution SD itunes

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Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Dragonball Evolution Blu-ray delivers stunning video and audio in this fan-pleasing Blu-ray release

Goku and a handful of friends battle for the Earth against the deadly forces of the Saiyans, who are sweeping across the universe, leaving a path of destruction. Goku and his friends' best chance for survival rests with the Namekian DragonBalls, which provide them the power to summon a mighty dragon.

For more about Dragonball Evolution and the Dragonball Evolution Blu-ray release, see Dragonball Evolution Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on July 29, 2009 where this Blu-ray release scored 3.0 out of 5.

Director: James Wong
Writer: Ben Ramsey
Starring: Justin Chatwin, Chow Yun Fat, Emmy Rossum, Jamie Chung, James Marsters, Shavon Kirksey
Narrator: Randall Duk Kim
Producers: Stephen Chow, Rodney Liber, Jose Ludlow, Rich Thorne, Akira Toriyama, Tim Van Rellim 


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