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Dope itunes HD (Ports to VUDU/MA)

Dope itunes HD (Ports to VUDU/MA)

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Dope (2015)

Dope Blu-ray delivers stunning video and audio in this enjoyable Blu-ray release

Malcolm is a geek, carefully surviving life in The Bottoms, a tough neighborhood in Inglewood, CA filled gangsters and drugs dealers, while juggling his senior year of college applications, interviews and the SAT. His dream is to attend Harvard. A chance invitation to a big underground party leads Malcolm and his friends into a, only in Los Angeles, gritty adventure filed with offbeat characters and bad choices. If Malcolm can persevere, he'll go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself.

For more about Dope and the Dope Blu-ray release, see Dope Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on October 14, 2015 where this Blu-ray release scored 3.5 out of 5.

Director: Rick Famuyiwa
Writer: Rick Famuyiwa
Starring: Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Kimberly Elise, Chanel Iman, Lakeith Stanfield
Narrator: Forest Whitaker
Producers: Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Pharrell Williams, Michael Y. Chow, Rick Famuyiwa, David Lonner


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